Course Work Survey…. Adolecent literature….The view into my semester!! …4-6-15

BooksHello Fellow classmates!!!


I have determined this semester was one of my busiest so far, due to having to change my schedule. I am use to being able to just squeeze by in my classes, and this semester I actually had to work hard to keep up with them.
I was planning on reading up to 60 books this semester and get the Bingo Book challenge done. Unfortunatly I was unable to complete these goals. For the first time in my life I got burnt out, by reading. I only read 42 books this semester, and was 4 books shy of finishing the bingo book challenge. I also planned on keeping with all the blogs and finishing each and everyone of them on time. I failed to do so.  I was unable to keep up with the goals I had set for myself at the begining of the semester. I am glad that I was able to complete all the blog posts for class though, even if not all the Monday blogs were on Monday’s … oops!

Absolutely-True-Story-of-a-Part-time-IndianMy favorite book from the required reading this semester, was The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. I loved this book because it reminded me of my brothers and my guy friends growing up. I also loved the cartoon drawings throughout the book. My favorite part of the book was when our part-time indian threw a text book at his teacher.

12851538My favorite book from my indepenant reading this semester was Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. I think this was my favorite book because it gave me a view of historical fiction that I had not seen before. I got to see WWII from the view of women, in both enemy hands and of that of friends. I got to weep with a captive spy, and that of her friend who had to take over her job. It made my heart turn and feel for the girls.



9780385734219My sugestion to add to the required reading list would be Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause. This is a good book about a young girl figuring out her own place in the world. The main problem is she is not human, and its better that the human’s dont know it. I think this would be good for the required reading list, becuase it is not realistic but still has to deal with teenage problems.


imagesMy favorite blog post of my own was For where art though Social Media. I like this post becuase  I gave my honest opinion about social media, but also answered the questions I needed to within my blog. I got to add my own sense of humor to a post and make it fun for all those zombie lovers out there. I also like my zombie take on it!!



My favorite of my classmates blogs was Rian’s. Literature: An Unexpected Subject Her blogs were always informative and fun to read. I really liked to read her Harry Potter blogs, I think it was becuase I love Harry Potter too!!! I also liked how she set up her blogs to read, and that her site was really pretty to view.
Sense I am an adivid reader, I do have what I am going to read next planned out, though it will not be young adult book for a while. I plan on spending my free time during the summer reading all of Edgar Allen Poe’s work that I can get my hands on. I have developed a love of horror/bloodly/mystery writtings to complement my love of horror movies!!!! I also fell in love with the Game of Thornes show on HBO, and have decided I need to read the books as well. Though I know that shows and books do not always match up I do enjoy the challenge of comparing them.
One last question I wished had been asked about my learning and reading, is why would you or would you not want to read the sugested books or required readings?
I would answer that with; I read to escape what life thows at me, I don’t want to read about what I am trying to leave behind.Cat_with_book_6742815235

Thursday is not Monday, but What are you reading? 4-30-15

Why is Thursday becoming

Its Monday, What are You Reading?

So my fellow students and bloggers, due to forgetting my computer cord at my parents ranch, I have not been able to figure out the user name and password to my blog. Dang technology that gives me the option of saving everything on my main computer, so had to wait till today to get my cord back, and to post Monday’s blog. This plies on top of way to many papers due and lots of procrastination habits made it impossible to post till today. I only read one young adult book last week, and mostly because I needed a break of kids books and wanted to read to my age bracket, AKA adult mystery and romance books!!!

51BspWEzGaL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_This last week I read the required reading like everyone else. Yaqui Delgado Wants To Kick Your Ass, by Meg Medina, is a really good book. I love that our main character is a girl, because  I do love strong female leads in the books i read. Sense most of us have read this book let me state the obvious, IT IS ABOUT BULLING!!! Yet another depressing young adult book, but this book actually has a wonderful ending. I love happy endings, though this one is more of a possible happy future ending. Got to love it.

I also read a book by Nora Roberts, Due to my love of keeping secrets I wont tell you the title. I will give you quick summery though. This book is about smoke jumpers, death by their own hand, death by others, falling in love, and someone ruining stuff so jumpers get in trouble, and most of all fighting fires both in the wild and in their own hearts. Figure out what to read if you love a good adult book.

I also am currently working on reading a young adult short story book called the walking tree, and other strange stories. This book has a collection of horror stories to tell around the camp fire!!!

Its Monday What are You Reading?? 4-20-15

Its Monday and last week I read two books. I finished the shadow and light Series by Moria Katson.

a09d069d9ea45b9c29cfc75aa06d2a7c612209e8Shadowforged by Moria Katson is the second book in the light & shadow series. It was a good book, though it kinda has a tedious mono-logs in it. In this book the girls have gotten older and are learning to like each other. They fight constantly with each other and against themselves. As they work to figure out the web of lies at court, they are plotting and planning against the Duke who bound them together forever. As the noble works hard to capture the eyes of the king, her shadow learns for them both of all they can find out. But then all the work comes undone and disaster strikes, they have lost part of the game and struggles to fix it. If you like the first book, read the second in the light & shadow series.

shadows-end-moira-katson-paperback-cover-artShadow’s End by Moria Katson is the third and Final book in the Light & Shadow series. Now that the girls have been sent away from court for morning and displeasing the Duke. As the grow older still, they come to the realization that they do not want to go back. Then the Duke orders them back to court, and the girls decide to run away to help a rebellion. Will the girls have to go back to court, can they get away with running, what is the destined path? All theses questions can be answered by the end of this book. Read Shadow’s End.

It’s Monday What are You Reading?…..4-13-15

Its Monday What have I read you ask?

Reading I have completed as of today!!!

Hello beautiful people, this last week I got a lot of reading done, I read Graceling by Kristin Cashore, Fire by Kristin Cashore, Pandemonium Christ Wooding, and Shadowborn by Moira Katson.

Graceling_cover0803734611.01.LZZZZZZZGraceling and Fire belong in the same series as Bitterblue and I loved them both. I have Decided I like Graceling almost as much as I love Bitterblue. If you go by chronological order, instead of publication and series order, Fire come first, then Graceling, and finally Bitterblue. In Fire we are in the Dellian country with mind controling monsters and following the story of Fire the Human monster. In Graceling we are the Seven kingdoms and are following the adventure of Prince Po and Katsa.

17855442Shadowborn by Moira Katson is the first in the shadow and light trilogy, and follows two young girls who have been taken from their mountain homes and forced into dark plans of the duke. The duke makes both girls take a vow to each other one will be the light, one the shadow molded to each other by the duke to become one being instead of two. One girl a noble by birth the other an orphan commoner and servant, find that life is harder than they feared it would be. Finding that they must learn to rely on one another; even though they cannot be more opposite in disposition and despise each other from first site.

GRX025-Pandemonium-FRONT-220x325Of these book I want to talk the most about Pandemonium by Christ Wooding. This Graphic Novel was awesome. I loved the Darkling take on the prince and the pauper. I was so sad to find out there would not be a sequel. In this book an young darkling from the mountains dreams of life outside his village. Soon he gets his wish by being kidnapped by agents of the crown. He is forced to pretend to the the Prince of the realm, by pain of getting eaten. Soon he must fool the crown princess and the younger princess, the generals, and all the people of the nation. The country is on the brink of war, and the untrained impostor must find a way to save his country and become the prince his country needs. Fortunately the everyone is blind to him not being the protector of the realm prince, except for the cat giant kitty cat and the people who made the first prince disappear. Life is not easy when the person you are pretending to be has the exact opposite personality than you. Follow the adventure of a young darkling in this awesome graphic novel!!.

-Tuesday is the new Monday!! What are you reading?? 4-7-15

Its Monday what are you reading?? Of this week I am placing it on Tuesday due to a No School Monday YAY!!

Just kidding, this last week I finally finished my reading list from over Spring break.
200px-TheresAGirlInMyHammerlock1991There’s a Girl in my Hammerlock by Jerry Spinelli brought my back to my years in middle school. Who does not love a book about a girl challenging gender issues in school. Our wonderful main character Maisie has chosen to join the middle school wrestling team, and even thought she is a girl, the coach decided to keep her on the team. It seams as if the whole town is against, her on this choice. Maisie looses her best friend, creates new ones, takes on the Nutcracker Challenge, and becomes her little sister P.K.’s hero!! Through this adventure, we follow young Maisie through the pains of middle school and going against tradition. To learn more read There’s a Girl in my Hammerlock!!!
Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore is the the12680907 sequel to Graceling and the companion to fire. I have not read the other two novels but have fallen in love with this book. With Queen Bitterblue as our main character is it had to put this book down, as we follow her quest to find the truth of her past and that of her country. As we go along we are shown piece by piece the history of her country and the involvement of her friends in the downfall of others, we are drawn deep into the deceptions and lies that surround our young Queen. Having been queen sense her 10th year, she has been constantly kept from her people and corralled by paper, through determination Bitterblue escapes the castle for short amounts of time. Slowly learning that what she has been told over the last 8 year, has been little but lies and hidden truths. Her rebellious friends, also called the council, find the time to help her find the answers to the questions she has. To find out what all the mystery is read Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore.

For Where Art though Social Media…the new addiction ……4-5-15

Social Media Addiction at Large Can Causes Zombies!!!Social_networking_services

Warning of the coming of the Zombie world via Social Media

Over the Course of the last week, I have been peeking at social media. Yes I said peeking for everyone always wants to jump right in, I just want to test the waters. I have in the past and still do have strong stance against and for social media. It is a great way to find out about people, learn about them, find things out, create networks, and use in so many different ways it makes me dizzy. Honestly it is horrifying how much we have glued ourselves to technology. Everywhere I look there is another tech zombie stuck in front of a computer or phone. Why do we do this to ourselves, even I have had moments of being a tech zombie, is it really how we want to live our lives??3141182898_47f209477e

Social Media is it the cause of becoming a Tech Zombie!!!

Honesty I cannot tell you if becoming a tech zombie starts with social media but it can be part of the problem. Raise of hand of those who spend more than an hour using one form of social media each day, how about two forms, here is for 3 or more forms of social media. I have recently found out I am in the later category. Social Media is addicting!!! It is good in moderation to find things out, catch up with people, or connect for work or class, but it should not be your life. images

Looking at Social Media in a Classroom Light!

For my wonderful Adolescent Lit class, I was required to blog on the social media sites I explored in relation to reading, sadly to say, the only site I ever use for reading is Goodreads. I love that site, allows me to track what I have read, put it on shelves, and find out what my friends are reading. I can give reviews, read reviews and the site even gives me suggestions based on my interests and what I have read so far. I would love using this as a teacher to have my students keep track of what they read, and to create a classroom book shelf. I could also create book selves for my students, so that I can have suggestions of topics for them at the  touch of a mouse. I currently have six books on my to read shelf which I am looking forward to finishing. Using social media can be useful, but you should warn your students of the dangers of Tech Zombiefication!!!!grand-theft-auto-4-zombie-infection-rockstar-social-club

You Say This Zombie business is bull…

I say no it is not! I question you how many apps are on your phone? how many are for social media? how many are games? how many times a day do you use your phone for something other than a call? a text? a SnapChat? If you don’t know the answer, maybe you should figure it out! How else are you to know if you have become a Tech zombie!!!

Now all I can tell you is have fun, be computer safe, limit the social media, and read a lot of books……..but I am warning you Books are Addicting Toodownload


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IT’s Monday! What are You Reading??? 3-30-15

falloutCvrIT IS MONDAY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello readers and fellow classmates I had planned on reading three books this last week but I only completed one.

Fallout by Ellen Hopkins, is the third book in the Crank Series. I did not realize this when starting the book, and only figured it out when reading the authors notes. I have not read the first two books, but now am thinking about it. This book is about three teenagers who, share one thing their mother. When they were growing up their mother was taken by the monster. Now as almost adults they have to deal with themselves and other doing their best not to become her. As each fights their own demons, the work their way to finding each other and connecting again.

Meet Hunter the oldest who hates his biological mother with a passion. He was adopted and raised by his grandparents, who have made sure he grew up into a strong young man. He is fighting against simple drugs and the temptations of the flesh.

Meet Summer the youngest daughter, who feels sorry for her mother and loves her father. She is being thrown between foster care and her father’s house. She worries about her youngest two brothers who are still in her mothers care. Her demons are falling for her boyfriends best friend and a past no one knows.

Meet Autumn the forgotten daughter, who knows nothing of her mother not even her name. She knows only her grandfather and aunt on her fathers side. Trey her father has been in Jail sense she was a young child. Of her mothers family, they have been searching for her for years, to no avail. Her demon is falling in love and into the addiction of alcohol.

As theses three half siblings fight their demons individual, they all eventually come to the conclusion that forces this statement from all of them, ” I hope for Trust. Joy. Courage. Honesty. Belief. Belonging. Attaining these things may not come easily. Because, look very long at Kristina, I see me me me.” (Kristina being their mother ) page 662.

This book brings to light many things that people go through, and that every thing and individual does affects all those around them.